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Shogo Imamura was born in 1984 in Kyoto, Japan. After working as a dance instructor, musical composer, and researcher of buried cultural properties, he began his career as a writer in 2017 when he published “Hikuidori” of the “Ushu Borotobigumi” series.

In 2020, he consecutively won two awards for up-and-coming through mid-career writers, the Eiji Yoshikawa Literature Prize for New Writers and the Futaro Yamada Prize.

He then received, in 2021, the Eiji Yoshikawa Collection Prize, the award for writers who published exquisite series of stories.

In 2022, he achieved the Naoki Sanjugo Prize, one of the most renowned literature awards in Japan.

In 2023, one of his works “Ikusagami” in which Samurai and Ninja fight battle royale was adopted as the original for a Netflix drama, which will be broadcasted in 190 countries and areas. (Season 1 will be released in 2025.) The English title of the drama will be “Last Samurai Standing”.

With his top-ranking speed of writing, the number of the published works is reaching almost 50 at this point although it’s not so long since he started his career as a writer. Talked about a lot as the best writer in Japan when it comes to Samurai/Ninja entertainment stories, he is one of the novelists who will lead the next-gen entertainment.
Other than writing, he delivers lectures, appears on many TV programs, and acts as a main host of a radio show.

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